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Trail Use & Policies

By observing these rules, you will be helping to protect Kentucky’s natural heritage. Please remember that the John Holder Trail is the only “public” trail on the Preserve.

Oct 2007 (7sm)
  • Trail is open sunrise to sunset.
  • Trail is for foot traffic only. The established trail provides the safest and best way to travel through the Preserve. Visitors must not re-route or shortcut the existing trail.
  • Horses, bicycles, climbing and rappelling are not permitted because of their destructive impacts to the trail and natural features.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted.
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Fishing, hunting, trapping and collecting plants, animals, rocks, or artifacts are prohibited in order to maintain nature’s delicate balance.
  • Dogs, audio equipment, camping, picnicking, and building fires are prohibited to help ensure the natural beauty of the area and the safety and enjoyment of visitors.
  • Remember to carry out your trash.

These rules are established by 400 KAR 2:090. Any person in violation of this regulation may be liable for a civil penalty of $1000 per day and possible criminal prosecution as provided for in KRS 224.


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